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Political board

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The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is a unique political movement steered by mayors.

The European Covenant of Mayors Board gives local and regional leaders the opportunity to play a greater role in shaping and further guiding the initiative. Board members will also campaign for enabling frameworks for local climate and energy action from the national and European level, raising awareness about local needs amongst European and national decision makers.

This Board of Mayors aims to discuss the strategic orientations of the initiative, to ensure it best fits cities’ needs and is further tailored to their expectations and to foster the dialogue between the European Covenant Community and the EU institutions.

The Board is composed of 7 mayors and local elected representatives.


  • Име: Anne Hidalgo
    Позиция: Mayor of Paris
    Държава: France

    "The more cities work together, the faster they will make progress, and we urge mayors around the world to join our coalition.”

  • Име: Asa Karlsson Björkmarker
    Позиция: Deputy Mayor of Växjö
    Държава: Sweden

    "Local governments are the level best positioned to engage citizens, create green jobs & swiftly implement the shift to renewable energy."

  • Име: Daniel Termont
    Позиция: Mayor of Ghent
    Държава: Belgium

    "It is in our cities that the transition towards climate neutral cities start. [...] If we cooperate, cities will help shaping the future.”

  • Име: Eckart Würzner
    Позиция: Mayor of Heidelberg
    Държава: Germany

    "We are ready to go further in our actions in order to accelerate the energy transition and tackle climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement."

  • Име: Furio Honsell
    Позиция: Mayor of Udine
    Държава: Italy

    "Cities can do a lot because even if decisions may be difficult to make at local level, they are fast to be implemented."

  • Име: Julije Domac
    Позиция: Director of REGEA, the North-West Croatia Energy Agency
    Държава: Croatia

    "European regions and energy agencies should play a key role in planning, developing and implementing sustainable energy projects at all levels."

  • Име: Mercè Conesa i Pagès
    Позиция: Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallés and Presiden of the province of Barcelona
    Държава: Spain

    "More can be done to strengthen the role of local authorities, if the Covenant is embedded into the Governance of the Energy Union."