Инструменти за финансиране

Financing opportunities for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans

Access to financing is key for transforming ambitious Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans into projects. The funding page supports the Covenant of Mayors community with clear and practical information on funding and financing opportunities.

The interactive funding guide gathers information on the funding initiatives managed by the European Union, the Member States and key financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank. Next to these, the guide includes information about support services and innovative financing schemes.

The useful links section collects the most relevant financing publications for the Covenant community including best cases examples and lessons learnt.

Interactive funding guide

ПОДРОБНО ТЪРСЕНЕ Изчистване на всички

Useful links

Key publications including best practices from the Covenant of Mayors community, lessons learnt and useful reports from the main EU institutions are collected in this section. More publications are available for the Covenant of Mayors community only and can be accessed via the resource library in the private area (My Covenant) of this website.