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The Covenant of Mayors reporting templates

In what format is the template available?

The official submission of your action to the Covenant of Mayors has to be done using the online template available in the Covenant website restricted area: 'My Covenant'.

An EXCEL version of the SECAP template is available in the website library for download. This Excel-based template is an offline working version of the official online template which has to be completed in English and submitted online. Please note that it is not possible to export the data entered in the Excel to the online platform and vice-versa.

Note: Signatories to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy can use the current online platform to report on climate mitigation for 2030 and upload any documents related to climate adaptation. As soon as the online SECAP template has been developed in 2017 full reporting on both climate mitigation and adaptation will be available through the online platform.


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