• 19 Apr 2021

    ADAPTtoCLIMATE Ιnternational Conference

    Organiser: Others

    The LIFE UrbanProof project invites you to join its third Virtual ADAPTtoCLIMATE international Conference on the 19th and 20th April 2021. The main aim of the Conference is to bring together scientists, policymakers, organisations and citizens engaged with climate change impacts and adaptation in the urban environment.

    The conference is organised by the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus, the National Technical University of Athens and the National Observatory of Athens together with the LIFE UrbanProof project team.

    It is held in the framework of the LIFE UrbanProof project which aims to increase the resilience of municipalities to climate change equipping them with a powerful tool for supporting better-informed decision making on climate change adaptation planning.

    Get the event's full agenda here and register here.